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Pam and Bobby married in 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana. They lived on Southfork from the time they came home from New Orleans. Pam took awhile to fit in and be excepted by the Ewings. The marriage had rifts with the Barnes-Ewing Feud. Still they pulled through it. Pam's two miscarriages the first from a fall in the barn and the second from a fall off a horse made Pam have depression. She wanted a child and than she was told she could not carry one to term. That all changed when they adopted Christopher (the son of Kristin Shepard, Suellen's sister).
Their marriage went well till Miss. Ellie contested Jock's will. Pam was on her side and the rest of the family was on the other. Than Rebecca Wentworth, Pam's mother was killed in a plane crash in 1983. Pam left Southfork and moved to a hotel. She was taken care of by Cliff, Mark Graison and Katherine Wentworth. She blamed JR and the Ewings. She could not forgive this one. They divorced late in 1983.
Pam moved into her mother's former Dallas home and raised Christopher. Bobby had Christopher on the weekends and for special events. Pam stayed with Mark and was gonna marry him when she learned he was dying of cancer. The wedding never happened.  Mark committed sucide by crashing his private plane.
In 1985 after Mark's death, Bobby and Jenna Wade's wedding had been put off due to Jenna's murder trial (she was found not guilty), Pam and Bobby found their way back to each other. Jenna left Southfork with Charlie and moved into town and Pam and Bobby started to plan their wedding. They marry on Southfork in November of 1986. Even though Jenna was pregnant with Bobby's child the two found a way to have happiness. Their happiness only last so long though. In May of 1987 less than a year after they wed again and found happiness Pam was in a car crash and was almost killed. Pam was burned and because she was so damaged by her own choice she left Bobby and Christopher to go into hiding. Bobby recieved divorce papers not much later.
Keep in mind that their was the dream season (season 8) from September 1985 to May 1986. This was when the character Bobby was dead from being run over by Katherine Wentworth. Everything that took place in the dream season was washed away when Bobby's character was brought back.



Pam and Bobby head to Southfork for the first time as man and wife on a cold day in 1978.


Pam and Bobby relax in the Southfork pool.

The happy couple sharing moments during their first marriage. (below)







The couple share a sweet moment after deciding to get back together.


Pam and Bobby say goodbye at Pam's house. Bobby was going to go tell Jenna that he wanted to marry Pam.


Bobby protects Pam from being run over by Katherine. He is struck and injured.


Pam wakes up from her dream that Bobby had been killed by Katherine. Bobby is in the shower when she wakes up. (above) 
Bobby and Pam remarry in a beautiful ceremony on Southfork. (below)



Pam and Bobby back together at Southfork (above) and sharing a moment (below).



Pam and Bobby in bed during the happy times in their second marriage (above) and (below) the two at the Ewing BQQ.


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