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Mark and Pam met in January of 1983 when Pam was assisting Miss Ellie to over turn Jock's will. Mark offered his attorney. Than a month later as the fight over Ewing Oil got worse Pam left Southfork and moved to a hotel. Than just as the fight was ending Pam and Bobby's divorce was final. In the same month of Pam and Bobby's divorce Pam attended the Oil Baron's Ball with Mark as Bobby attended with Jenna Wade the woman he has been seeing after the seperation.
A few weeks later Mark and Pam attended the Ewing Rodeo. Over this time Mark asked Pam to marry him. She said she needed more time to get over her divorce. Than Pam learned that Mark was dying of cancer. She agreed to marry him in 1984. For awhile Mark goes along with Pam. She knows about the illness, but Mark does not. When he learns he knows why she agreed to marry him. They share one last night together at her home in Dallas before he takes his plane and crashes it to kill himself. Pam than spends months trying to find Mark believing that he is just protecting her from his illness.
Than in October of 1985 the Dream Season is under way. Bobby is dead and Pam is falling apart. Mark returns and his reason for being "dead" he was protecting her from watching him die. He was in remission and returned when he learned about Bobby and knew she needed him. Soon, Mark also learned what JR had done to Pam. That he had sent Pam on a wild goose chase to find him. Mark set JR in his place. Mark and Pam's love blossomed and the only thing in their way was Matt Cantrell and an emerald mine in South America. Pam went with Matt down there and got kidnapped. Mark and Cliff want down to rescue her. She got home safety at last.
When they returned Mark and Pam planned their wedding and were married in May of 1986 at Mark's home in Dallas. It is my favorite Dallas wedding. Sadly all of Mark's return was just a dream and he was never alive after his death in 1984 and they never really married.




Mark rescues Pam in South America. (above)




Pam and Mark at an Oil Baron's Ball. (above)


Pam and Mark have an argument at Pam's home. (above)


Pam and Mark the day before their wedding. (above)



Pam and Mark when Mark returns from the "dead". This is when Bobby is dead. (below)



Pam and Mark at another Oil Baron's Ball. (above)


Pamela Barnes Ewing's wedding to Mark Graison in May of 1986.







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