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Mark Graison was brought to the assistance of Miss Ellie when she was trying to over turn Jock's will. He also met Ellie's daughter-in-law, Pamela. When Pamela was in the mist of deciding what to do about leaving Bobby, her husband Mark offered his jet from his company, Grasco Industries. She excepted. There was one condition, Mark was also on the jet to France. He gave her the space he promised, but he let her know he wanted her. Then in 1983, Pam was divorced from Bobby and living in a new home. It was the home that her mother had once had in Dallas. Soon Mark and Pam started to truly fall in love and he started to propose. Pam was not sure she was over Bobby. Than in Houston at a meeting Pam learned that Mark had cancer and was dying. She agreed to marry him, but he learned quickly that she was only doing it because she did not want him to be alone. He killed himself to protect her from feeling that she had to marry him.


Mark only appeared again in the dream season was Pam's love interest. This time she is madly in love with him. Even Christopher, her son with Bobby becomes close to Mark. He tells Mark he loves him. Than they marry in a beautiful ceremony only to have Pam wake up and it is a dream. Mark is never seen again.


John Beck is a truly talent actor with many roles. He starred on over 30 shows in over 40 roles. He has been acting since 1965 and continues to do so to this day. Below are some of his biggest roles. I did not include his longest role since it was playing Mark Graison on Dallas.


The roles include:

I Dream Of Jeannie as Sargeant (1965)

Gunsmoke as Albert Vail (1970)

Gunsmoke as Moody Fowler (1971)

Murder, She Wrote- Episode- Sudden Death (1985)

Murder, She Wrote-Episode- Thursday's Child (1991)

Baywatch as Buzzy Buchannon (1994)

Touched By An Angel as Captain Meyers in Trust (1995)

Walker, Texas Ranger (1997, 2000)

Passions as Bruce (2001, 2003)

Flamingo Road as Sam Curtis (1981)

Santa Barbara as David Raymond (1991-1992)


John is a great actor that I hope continues to act. I am hoping for some great roles in some of my favorite shows. Maybe I should get a note to John, my favorite actor, so he can try to get on those shows. (Just Kidding!)



John as Mark in some scenes.





The scene captures are mostly from season 8.

Some more scenes of John as Mark.






This is a photo of John Beck before Dallas. I am unsure when it was taken or where.


John Beck after Dallas. I believe the shot was taken on the set of Passions a daytime soap on NBC. (below)



John Beck (above) in 1991. I do not know where this picture was taken. (Below)  is a picture of John as Mark Graison with Morgan Brittney as Katherine Wentworth.


The pictures, below, of Mark in his Polio uniform are from Barbarafan! She gave them to me as a gift. GO CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE ON MY LINKS PAGE: IT IS THE CAST ALBUM!



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