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Sherrie J. Wilson (April Stevens)

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April Steven's arrived in Dallas in 1986, played by Sheree J. Wilson. She was the former wife of Jack Ewing. Jack was the cousin of JR Ewing. April arrived wanting part of Jack's money and power from Ewing Oil. Soon she gets that money and starts making trouble and deals. She plays Jack, Cliff and JR off one another like toys.
April starts to fall in love with Bobby after Pam is injuried in a car accident and decides to leave Bobby and Dallas. By 1989,  April has made money and is no longer involved with JR. Slowly Bobby and April start dating and become friends with Cliff Barnes. But, they do fight and they do break up.
April is a new person by Feburary of 1989. She follows Bobby to Europe and when they return they are in love. April moves to Southfork in May. April's sister, Michelle arrives in September to find her sister living at Southfork and in love with Bobby Ewing.
Trouble rises again in 1990 when Bobby believes he sees Pam. The woman is named Jeanne. That lasts awhile and is finally put to rest when Bobby and April marry in April of 1990 at Southfork. The newlyweds go to Paris for their honeymoon, but the happiness is short lived. Within days of arriving April is kidnapped. Bobby tries to rescue her and cannot. During a last attempt he watches as she is gunned down. He never really recovers from her death.











April and Bobby's Wedding Day



The second set of Ladies to take over Dallas! (below)



(Above) the second set of Mrs. Ewings, Cally and April and (below) The Stevens Sisters.