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Charlene Tilton played Lucy Ewing on Dallas. Lucy was the daughter of Jock and Ellie's second son, Gary. Gary was sent away by JR just after Lucy was born. Lucy's mother tried to leave with her, but JR had her brought back and he warned Valene not to come get her. Lucy was raised by Jock and Ellie at Southfork. Lucy was a wild teen who did not know what no meant. She had flings with boys, partied and never went to school. She even burned the letters saying that she was not attending school. It took Pamela Barnes Ewing to get her back in school. Pamela saw herself in Lucy and wanted her to finish school. Thanks to Pamela she did just that. Gary and Valene returned to Southfork when Lucy was in her late teens to marry again and move to California. (A show came out of their move called Kotts Landing. It was a prime time soap in the 1980's and 1990's.)
She remained in Dallas and married Mitch Cooper, a guy going though medical school. Lucy soon started modeling when she stopped college. She wanted to have her own money so she could continue to live the way she had growing up, but Mitch believed money should be earned. The modeling gave her that money and she became the first Miss. Young Dallas. It did not go over well with Mitch who had old values. Soon their marriage went bust just after she was raped by her photographer, Roger Larson. Mitch moved to Altanta. She fell in love with many man before and after her marriage to Mitch, but the only other man to touch her as Mitch did was Mickey Trotter. Sadly, he died after a car accident cause by JR's tricks. Mickey helped her get over her rape and helped her to love again and they would have married had Mickey not died. After that she went to find Mitch in Atlanta and they married again in 1985. She left the show and returned in 1988. She remained on the show till 1990.
Charlene Tilton did not act as much as her other female co-stars. In fact her best work to date was on Dallas and in appearences before Dallas. She is working on acting again last I heard. I hope she does act again and make a mark that she has not in years. She is a truly talented actress who deserves a chance to show her gifts.


Below is a scene capture of Pam and Lucy. Pam has just learned of Lucy's pregnancy resulting in her being raped by Roger the photographer. This happened just before her divorce from Mitch (they were already seperated) and before she met Mickey.


Season 4 Screen Captures of Lucy from Christo. (Below)




Lucy with her best friend, Muriel played by Karlene Crockett. (below) Muriel first appeared in episode 29 (John Ewing III Part 2) and last appeared in episode 122 (Legacy). Muriel disappears from Dallas without explination after episode 122.


Lucy and Mitch on a date. (below)



Lucy and Mitch's first wedding at Southfork.


Lucy and Mitch's second wedding at Southfork. Held indoors unlike the first that was outdoors. (below)


Below are 3 pictures of Lucy young, but smart beyond her years. I believe that all three are from the mini series.




Lucy's other great love, Mickey Trotter, nephew of Ray Krebbs.



Lucy and Mitch at the Ewing BBQ at Southfork. (below)








Lucy circa 1990. (above)


Lucy (above) in the last episode of season 10, number 281.


Alan Beam (above) was a love interest for Lucy in season 2 and remained through season 3 in Dallas. Beam was played by Randolph Powell. Lucy and Mitch became engaged, but it fell through and Lucy's heart was broken.


Lucy Ewing Cooper (above) on her wedding day, January 23, 1981 (original airdate). This is the first time Lucy marries Mitch Cooper. They divorced and married again only to divorce again.